“Annica” Hilje Rogaar, Bali, Indonesia

“Annica” Hilje Rogaar, Bali

This year I did my first silent meditation retreat. I wanted to try this for many reasons. Just out of curiosity, looking for a way to heal my migraines, to challenge myself, but definitely also to see if I could learn to become a less stressed person; learn to live in the moment and not take life too seriously. This week became one of the most special experiences of my life in which I became so much more aware of how the human body and mind and their close companionship operates.
For me one of the most important aspects of the meditation was how we were taught to focus on the impermanence of basically everything in life, described by the Buddhists as ‘annica’. If you become aware, experience and actually really realize that everything in life comes and goes, is most likely to always change again and that nothing is permanent as it is now, you will be able to get less attached and therefore less affected by everything that happens to you in life. When bad things happen, do not experience it as the end of your world. It WILL change again. Do not lose yourself in that very bad moment. Do not just hope for it to get better. Know it. Feel it. Because it will. When amazing things happen to you, definitely enjoy it. Please do and live that moment to the fullest. Because at some point it might be over again. But, do not attach. By not attaching you will be able to accept that amazing situation changing more easily. It will not feel like you are unlucky or that you will feel bad forever by losing this happiness at that moment. Everything changes so happiness will come to you again. By detaching and realizing the annica, you will actually be able to always be in a constant state of peace of mind – happiness.
Annica has opened my eyes that week. It made me aware not to lose myself in small hick-ups in life and to enjoy beautiful happenings in that very right moment, but excepting them as a temporary beautiful gift. The fact that I am now aware of the annica, does of course not mean that I am a changed person, that I can already fully live, practice or feel this new understanding of life. It will take many more years of meditation, many more years of growing up and more years of making mistakes. But who knows… life is always changing so I might learn it one day ☺

‘Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans’

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