“Art” Silvie N. Beatrix, Bali

“Art” by Silvie N. Beatrix, Bali for Women in Green Forum


“All we have to do is look for beauty, and she is there all around us at any given moment” – daily ohm

My whole life I look to surround myself with beautiful things such as music ,photography ,original Indonesian antiques , the warmth and friendship provided by animals.
I am currently preparing for our first auction to expose true original Indonesian treasures , antiques collected by Pak Wayan, a Balinese Icon who has been traveling all over the country for the past  40 years.
My sales associate Lulu and I are also working on creating a book which will help to educate as well as preserve the richness of Indonesia’s  diversified cultural heritage . I choose to live and work to be ‘onART’ 24/7 , enjoy to support all forms of creativity and promote ART & it’s beauty .

What are my biggest challenges?
My biggest challenges are patience for human ignorance, discipline to stay strong and conquering my anger which I often find overwhelming when it comes to the destruction of  our environment.
I also have trouble accepting my inability to fully help  animals and children in need.
I am a rebel at heart who wishes to change the world and live without injustice, cruelty towards our forests , oceans , animals , the poor, etc
I dream of a peaceful and happy home for us all and generations to come .
I would like to paint the whole globe , our mother earth in green, blue, orange and colors to secure a safe planet for my daughter Tahnee.

Advice I would give to the rest of the world:
Bali is a paradise, as some say. Luscious rice fields , glistening white sand beaches and smiling locals just waiting to get to know you.
In just a few years this could all be gone .The vibrant culture and exotic landscapes, lost forever. But wait, there is still hope.
There is power within all of us to save and protect this sacred land many of us call home.
Stop deforestation. Stop superfluous plastic consumption. Stop animal abuse. And save Bali.

Please help by donating to welfare organizations such as BAWA, BARC, JAAN and many more brave  individuals.
Feed one if you cannot feed all , adopt strays instead of buying in pet shops or breeding .
Be active and creative in your community, every idea brings us one step closer to change.

Pray to your God!

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