“H2O” Dino Ferrato, Bali, Indonesia

“H2O” Dino Ferrato, Bali, Indonesia

H2O – Water – The essence of life
We cannot survive without it, yet we abuse this energy system.
Water asks nothing of us yet gives all. From oceans and rivers to lakes & streams, this powerful force gives the human race pleasure and life.
The ocean and what it offers saved my life, a pulse, namely – the form of a wave, gave me hope and strength in a time of personal self-destruction and despair.
Water has the ability to wash away negativity and raise our vibration if given the chance.
We have a deeply hidden ability to communicate and heal with water.
Our bodies are made mostly of water so perhaps we have an ability to heal our bodies with disciplined thought.
By taking care of the water on this planet we by default take care of ourselves and vice versa.

Dino Ferrato has lived a unique life, from his early memories of wild elephants, leopards and terrorists in Zimbabwe to the survival of his parents who’s plane was shot down by a missile attack. Dino has traveled the world mostly by sea as a captain of his charter. At 27 he had been to Denmark, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Bali to name a few. Ferrato was an accomplished surfer, diver, weapons specialist, medic for the Danish Navy and a seaman.
One morning during a typical surf session he and his mate shared their most intimate fears. Both agreed not being able to surf or walk would be the ultimate loss. That same year after his mate lost the use of both his legs Dino’s vehicle was hijacked in Cape Town South Africa.
First, Dino’s girlfriend was ripped from the vehicle and then dragged to the bottom of a ravine. Dino struggled with another of the hijackers. As the two men fought, the truck started to roll down the hill with Dino’s body now half out the window. The vehicle’s final resting place was at the bottom of the ravine on top of his girlfriend. Dino was in and out of consciousness for hours before anyone  found them.
The first thing he remembers is waking up in the same hospital bed as his mate months prior. His girl survived but was badly burned. Dino Ferrato was told he would never walk again… even though he cannot walk, today he surfs, sails, and is the captain of his own boat.
This is the story of a life uncharted. The true adventures of a man’s journey starts when he becomes fully awake!

To find out more about the franchise of Dino Ferrato click here: http://bit.ly/LifeUncharted

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