May 11, 2012

“Freedom” Marta Traskevych, Chicago

My meaning of the word воля (freedom) is basically if you are free, you have the power to do and acomplish anything you want in life. For a couple of years living in the U.S. I didnt have my papers and i couldnt go to school, I couldnt work, I couldnt drive I basically couldnt do anything. That was a very hard time of my life because I felt like I wasnt going anywhere. I didnt have the freedom to grow. The day I got my freedom, was probably one of the hapiest days of my life. A whole world of possibilities has opened up to me.
The word is also incorporated in the national Ukrainian symbol and it has a lot of meaning to the Ukrainian culture. The Statue of Liberty represents freedom in the American culture. Its nice to know that the country that I’m from and the country that Im living in today, both stay strong for the word freedom.

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