December 21, 2012

“Courage” Llorraine Neithardt, New York

Because it is the fire in the heart used to transform fear- positive rage.

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August 11, 2012

“Courage” Tia Dang, Bali

Courage is that Light within which gives us the Gusto to love and the Audacity to be loved. Leap with pure Trust that the net will catch us, and have the Confidence to let go. Courage arms us with Faith and allows us access to go beyond ourselves.

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April 28, 2012

“Be strong and courageous” Joy Wong, Singapore

“Be strong and courageous” is an excerpt of Bible verse Joshua 1:9. The full verse reads

April 4, 2012

“Courage” Boy09, Paris

Dans la vie il faut du courage sinon les epreuves te mettent un coup.
“Dans le courage y’a la rage”

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