October 9, 2012

“Faith” Charmaine Harn, Surga-Bali

I come from Faith. Literally. My Mother’s first name is FAITH she is such a powerful & honorable woman.
I find her to truly be the embodiment of the word. And its depth & meaning really reflect the respect I have for her, and thus for faith.
Faith is in general, the persuasion of the mind that a certain statement is true (Phil. 1:27; 2 Thess. 2:13).

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June 16, 2012

“Faith” Živa, Barbara, Ida, Katerina, Nika, Ljubljana

“Faith”, Živa Moškrič, Barbara Zonta, Ida Hirsenfelder, Katerina Mirovic, Nika Marolt at Light Guerrilla Festival Ljubljana

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May 5, 2012

“Faith” Tenisha Anderson, NYC

This word is a representation of what has given me the courage, the strength to do the thing that I’ve been able to do this past couple of years like start my own independent fashion publication, quit a stable job in an economy where there are no jobs, and move to NYC..having faith and putting all my worries in HIS hands, has made a world of difference for me.

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September 22, 2011

“Iman [Faith]” Carl M, Bali

J’ ai choisi ca car je me suis convertit à l’Islam il y a de ça presque 15 ans maintenant, et Iman veut dire foi ou faith en Arabe. Ca represente beaucoup pour moi.

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