April 7, 2013

“H2O” Dino Ferrato, Bali, Indonesia

H2O – Water – The essence of life
We cannot survive without it, yet we abuse this energy system.
Water asks nothing of us yet gives all. From oceans and rivers to lakes & streams, this powerful force gives the human race pleasure and life.
The ocean and what it offers saved my life, a pulse, namely – the form of a wave, gave me hope and strength in a time of personal self-destruction and despair.
Water has the ability to wash away negativity and raise our vibration if given the chance.
We have a deeply hidden ability to communicate and heal with water.
Our bodies are made mostly of water so perhaps we have an ability to heal our bodies with disciplined thought.
By taking care of the water on this planet we by default take care of ourselves and vice versa.

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March 24, 2013

“You Are Light” Ilan, Bali

As I believe we are looking too much for ‘the light’ outside of us instead of working on shining out the unique one we have already inside.

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December 22, 2012

“Nour” [Light] Ad, New York

La lumière c’est la vie.

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November 30, 2012

“High on Light” Vincent Bruno, Amsterdam

“High on Light” Vincent Bruno, Amsterdam
Art is the best way to say fuck you to reality.

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November 6, 2012

“Do the light thing” Zepha, Cathédrale de Pontoise

Jeu de mot entre light et right, en référence au film de Spike Lee.
Exp: D’actions positives se dégage la lumière (actions speak louder than words), celles qui tirent vers le haut, celles qui font garder espoir en l’Homme et en son élévation spirituelle.
[Word play between light and right, in reference to Spike Lee's movie.
Out of positive action comes out light (actions speak louder than words), those who pull up, those who have hope in humanity and its spiritual elevation.]

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