April 7, 2013

“H2O” Dino Ferrato, Bali, Indonesia

H2O – Water – The essence of life
We cannot survive without it, yet we abuse this energy system.
Water asks nothing of us yet gives all. From oceans and rivers to lakes & streams, this powerful force gives the human race pleasure and life.
The ocean and what it offers saved my life, a pulse, namely – the form of a wave, gave me hope and strength in a time of personal self-destruction and despair.
Water has the ability to wash away negativity and raise our vibration if given the chance.
We have a deeply hidden ability to communicate and heal with water.
Our bodies are made mostly of water so perhaps we have an ability to heal our bodies with disciplined thought.
By taking care of the water on this planet we by default take care of ourselves and vice versa.

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August 29, 2012

“H20″ Tina Ardie, Bali

Supporting water charities in Bali where water is the source of life. The chemical letters H2o.
I support I AM AN Angel through events for a ten year old charity in Bali, Indonesia that cares for women and children. Some of the target projects include providing clean water in impoverished northern Bali villages.

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