February 5, 2012

“Why” Kartika Alexandra, Vancouver

Almost no thought or observation passes my mind without the question “why” following it. Why did I think that one thought? Why do I really believe this? Why would the pine tree grow here and not here? Why is that person the way they are? Why is this coffee so good?
It may sounds tiring to think like this, but it has given me immense insight on myself, others, nature, religion, emotions, motivations, life and everything in between. The understanding that has come from always questioning “why” has driven me to pierce my own limits, have a multitude of realizations and moments of clarity, better understand others and who they are, and increase my awareness and deeply appreciate the intricacies of life and nature. It leads one to no longer accept things as they are just because they were always like that. It asks you to challenge what you really believe in and who you really are. It asks you what you want in life, and how you are going to get it. Ultimately, as a very wise man told me, a deep-rooted sense of peace and contentment starts to grow from deep within.

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